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We go beyond the standard expectations and focus on the big picture – delivery!  Our approach is simple.  We know anyone can put your cargo on a boat a truck a train or a plane, but at LFWorldwide we understand goods not only have to ship but they have to deliver – and deliver on time!


Our Network of companies provides a true one source door to door Transportation and Logistics service to do just that.  That’s why we can say -- Choose LFWorldwide for all your Logistics needs.


Because Freight Forwarding and Logistics is our business we also understand that you may need customized supply chain solutions regardless of the mode or services involved.  LFWorldwide is the provider to give you complete solutions from purchase order through delivery.


At LFWorldwide we take the time to know our customers and assess their needs to create a customized solution that benefits them.  LFWorldwide delivers!


LFWorldwide – Your Single Source Transportation and Logistics Provider!

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